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Talking About Pest Control

Mosquito Prevention Steps That Reduce Mosquitoes In Your Yard And Home

Carlos Douglas

If you want to enjoy the outdoors and protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses, it's time to practice mosquito prevention. Prevention requires a combination of maintaining your property and having mosquito treatments from a pest control company.

Reduce Mosquito Hiding Areas In Your Yard

Mosquitoes like shade, so the more sun your yard gets, the better. Keep up with mowing and weed removal so your lawn stays trimmed. Grass that's allowed to grow too tall creates shade for mosquitoes to hide in. Pay particular attention to the area next to your house. Allow as much sun as possible to reach the area around your foundation to keep it dry and warm so mosquitoes stay away.

Eliminate Breeding Areas

It's important to eliminate as many breeding areas in your yard as possible for mosquito prevention. The fewer mosquitoes you have to deal with, the better, and you can reduce their numbers if they can't breed in your yard. Try to keep clutter to a minimum so it won't collect water when it rains.

If you have things in your yard that hold water, such as birdbaths without a circulating pump, dump them out at least once a week or more often. Even a small amount of water provides a place for a mosquito to deposit eggs.

Use Mosquito Dunks If Needed

Your pest control company might suggest using mosquito dunks if you have a water feature with standing water in it. Dunks kill the mosquitoes before they turn into adults and fly away. Dunks won't harm your pond equipment, koi, or other organisms in the water or that drink the water.

Have Your Yard Sprayed

A pest control company can spray your yard for mosquitoes a few times during the growing season to keep mosquitoes away. They'll usually spray the insecticide on plants in the shade where mosquitoes are likely to be hiding.

These mosquito prevention treatments have a residual effect that keeps working for weeks between treatments. Even if it rains, the treatments can continue to work. Once the spray has dried, your yard is safe for kids and pets but not for mosquitoes.

Seal Screens And Use Plant Repellents

Controlling mosquitoes in your yard is an important step in controlling mosquitoes in your house too. However, you may need to take additional steps. Cover holes in your screens and seal gaps around doors and windows so mosquitoes can't get inside. You may also want to adorn your porch with pretty potted plants that repel mosquitoes so the pests won't get close to your door and fly inside when you open your door.

Talk to a local nursery about plants that are easy to grow in your area and that you can grow in pots. Some to consider are catnip, peppermint, sage, and citronella. You can place the pots near your front door and your patio to help with mosquito prevention.

Contact a company like Pass Pest Control to learn more.