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Talking About Pest Control

Why You Should Try To Avoid Tenting Your Home To Kill Termites

Carlos Douglas

Termites are one of the most frightening and pervasive issues that many homeowners will face in their entire lives. Not only can they completely destroy the interior of your home without you even realizing it, but even when caught they can be very difficult to eradicate. That is why people turn to very extreme measures, like tenting, to totally destroy the termite colony living in their humble abode. However, there are many non-tenting termite treatment options available that you should prioritize over this drastic option, and here are a few reasons why that is and why you should try to avoid tenting at all costs.

What Is Tenting? 

It is important to understand what exactly tenting is so you know what to avoid. Tenting is the process of putting a temporary structure of some kind completely over the top of your home, sealing it in. This temporary structure often looks more like a bouncy castle, and then a toxic gas that completely kills any and all insect life inside your home is pumped through the structure. This completely destroys the termites as they have absolutely nowhere to hide and then they can be cleaned up after a day or two.

Why Tenting Is Not The Best Option

The main reason why you should consider alternatives to tenting is that there are other, just as effective methods on the market that do not involve saturating your home in toxic gas. While the toxic chemicals used do not kill humans, especially after all the tenting has been removed and the air is allowed to flow back through your home, it can still be a very unpleasant smell that lingers for a long time. If you have small children or pets in your home, they can get very sick from the residue left over that you missed in your clean-up.

Non-Toxic Termite Treatment

Termites can be eradicated with a good pest control agent that uses a multitude of approaches to box in and kill the entire termite colony living in your home. Through the use of traps, non-toxic chemicals that termites cannot stand, and a bunch of useful tricks that are very old but still useful, termite pest control agents work methodically and carefully to clear your home room by room. Tenting is one of the most invasive and quite frankly, dangerous methods of termite treatment that is available on the market, and it should be avoided at all costs where possible. 

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