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Talking About Pest Control

Three Methods For Dealing With Flying Insects In Your Home During Summer

Carlos Douglas

Keeping flying insects out of your house during the warmer months of the year can be a challenge, but with the right tools, approach, and professional assistance, you can keep the majority of them outside where they belong.

Seal Up What You Can

Sealing up your house against pests that can fly is a little tougher than dealing with bugs that can't, but there are still plenty of things you can do to make it much harder for them to intrude.

The first step is to seal off anything you can. This includes the frames of doors and windows but also includes baseboards, outlets, electric fixtures, or any other places where you know bugs have been getting in. Don't forget to give the outside of your home an inspection for any obvious holes or points of entry.

If your doors and windows don't have screens, adding screens can be an excellent deterrent against most flying insects.

If you aren't exactly sure what you need, a pest control specialist can usually offer tips after an inspection. Sometimes the best steps to take will vary depending on what kind of insect you're dealing with. For example, sealing your home against small insects that tend to move together may be different than protecting your home against larger individual insects.

Use Traps and Baits

When you can't prevent all insects from getting in, the next best thing is to stop them before they get too far. Traps and baits are useful in these cases, and for a few different reasons. They can help you catch whatever is already inside, but they can also help you locate where pests are coming in from. If you use several baits around your house, you can sometimes narrow down their entry point by seeing which baits are catching the most creatures.

A specialist can help you further narrow down your search and make suggestions as to what types of baits and traps will be best for the types of pests you're dealing with. They can also help you determine the best placement for these traps so that you catch as many intruding pests as possible.

Remove Pests That Are Making Homes Nearby

Sometimes flying insects will make their way inside because they've made a home nearby. Many insects will make homes or seek shelter in trees or other vegetation, and if your house is nearby, it becomes a tempting target.

For this reason, it's helpful for your pest control specialist to inspect the area surrounding your home and to use treatments as necessary to remove insects from nearby plant life. Even if these insects aren't harming the plants they're living in, this will effectively help you create a barrier around your home; the farther away bugs are kept from making homes, the more difficult it will be for them to constantly target your house.

For more information, contact a residential pest control service