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Talking About Pest Control

Got Cockroaches In Your Kitchen? Tips To Remove Them

Carlos Douglas

If you even see one cockroach in your kitchen you need to take steps quickly to remove it. This is because cockroaches can multiply very quickly and before you know it your home can get infested with them. The main place you will see cockroaches is in the kitchen, but they may venture into different areas of your home. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of them and tips to prevent them from coming back again.

Contact Pest Control

The first thing you should do is contact a pest control company. They have the equipment and pesticides to kill cockroaches. The contractor will first inspect your home to determine where most of the cockroaches are. They have wet/dry vacuums that they use to sick up cockroaches, their feces, and dirt. They will seal all holes and any openings using caulk or mesh to prevent the cockroaches from coming back. The exterminator can set up cockroach traps in different areas of your kitchen. These traps have poisons inside them that attract cockroaches. Once they eat the poison they die. These traps are generally large enough to kill a lot of cockroaches at one time. 

The exterminator will also inspect the rest of your home, such as inside closets, in the bathroom, and every crevice and crack they find. They may set up baits in other areas if they see signs of cockroaches

If your home was already infested with cockroaches, the exterminator may suggest that they come back a second time. This is to make sure all cockroaches are gone because if babies were left behind, they will hatch and cause an infestation all over again.

Prevent Cockroaches

The main prevention for cockroaches is keeping your home clean, especially the kitchen. Wipe down the countertops each night before you go to bed and sweep the floor. Never leave food scraps, peels, crumbs in garbage bins.

Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink that have any kind of food on them. Either wash them or rinse them well and put them in the dishwasher. 

Store food in tightly sealed containers and keep a constant eye on external and internal walls for any kind of cracks or holes. If any are found seal them immediately. Do not let paper pile up, such as mail, as this gives cockroaches a place to hide during the day. They will only come out at night to get the food and water they need. 

The exterminator that comes to your home can give you many more prevention tips about pest control