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Talking About Pest Control

Are Geese In Your Yard Causing A Headache? Deter The Birds Safely With Pest Control Today

Carlos Douglas

Having a large backyard with a pond or a view can be great but dealing with geese feeding and producing waste all over the property is not. If geese are a problem in your yard and you aren't sure how to get rid of them without causing harm, call a pest control professional today. There are a lot of ways that you can cause the geese to graze in another location, and you can get rid of this burden.

Deter the Geese with Scent

Pest control professionals can treat the areas where the geese graze with the scent of predator urine. This will keep the geese away because they will fear that there is a predator nearby, and this won't damage the grass or harm the environment. The professionals can apply the product generously and quickly as needed over a large space.

Add Netting and Decoys

Ask about getting a special type of netting put in the areas where geese wonder. The birds will avoid this area because of the texture of the net. The holes in this net aren't large enough for any of the geese to get stuck or get hurt but textured enough that they won't want to walk on the betting surface.

Along with the net, a figure that resembles a predator can also help. A figure of a dog, coyote, or even a larger animal like a bobcat can help to keep the geese away. A live dog is also a great way to get rid of the geese without hurting them, just the sight day after day can cause them to choose another spot to inhabit.

Have a Sound Device Installed

A device that will sound an alarm or make the noise that a predator will make when triggered by motion can scare the geese away. You can adjust the volume as needed and change the sounds, so they don't become familiar to the geese over time. Talk with the pest control experts about installing this and the battery life or solar options that are available.

The severity of the problem will determine if you need to try just one of these options to get rid of the birds, or if you will need to do many things to get the geese off your lawn. Call the professionals and find a safe and harmless way to get the birds off your property today. To learn more information about geese control, reach out to a company such as Goose Masters.