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Talking About Pest Control

Want To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Once And For All? 3 Pro Tips

Carlos Douglas

Bedbugs are one of the most challenging problems you might have to deal with as a restaurant manager or homeowner. The insects are small and easy to miss when they first get inside your premises. But they reproduce fast, are painful, and are inconvenient to have around. Also, once you have a full-fledged infestation, you will have an uphill task removing them. The best way to get rid of bedbugs is by being proactive about them. Here are pro tips to help you deal with your bedbug problem. 

Watch Out for Signs of their Presence

Most people do not know that they have a bedbug problem until the bedbugs start feasting on them. Bedbug bite marks are bumps that appear all over the body. They are also red and itchy, and they might follow a zigzag pattern. Some people develop blisters after a bite, while others show no symptoms. You will also notice brown spots on your bedding when you have an infestation. The dark marks come from their excrement once they have sucked your blood. Bedbugs also have a characteristic musty odor. If you notice more than one of these symptoms, it is time to test your home for the bugs. 

Wash All Fabrics

Once you have found signs of bedbugs, you have to clean up all your bedding and upholstery. Heat is excellent at killing bedbugs, and you can start by treating the bedding with hot water. Include pet beds, curtains, clothes, and stuffed animals. Ensure you treat all clothes and other places where the bedbugs can hide. Placing these items in hot water for thirty minutes will kill off all bedbugs and their eggs. Also, you can use the dryer for thirty minutes if there are non-washable items that you suspect to have bedbugs.

Deep Clean the Mattress and Repair the House

The next step in the process should be deep cleaning your mattress. The mattress is a favorite hiding place for the bedbugs because it has many nooks and hiding spaces. However, you can scrub the edges of the mattress to loosen their eggs. Once the eggs are loose, you can vacuum the mattress and remove the bugs. It is advisable also to consider repairing the cracks and crevices where the bugs could be hiding in the house.

These are simple steps to follow when dealing with a bedbug infestation. Finally, it is advisable to let professionals like those at A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc handle the infestation when it gets out of hand. With their help, you will have a clean, safe, and bug-free home.