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Talking About Pest Control

Dealing With Nuisance Skunks Effectively

Carlos Douglas

If you have a few skunks that are present upon your property regularly, you likely run into encounters with them every now and then. The risk of being sprayed, along with food scavaging and the scattering of debris upon your land, is enough to make any homeowner want to take steps in removing the animals for good. Here is what will happen when you contact an animal removal service to tend to skunks that have become a problem.

An Assessment Of Skunk Location Is Conducted

When an animal removal service comes to your home to remove skunks, they will first conduct an assessment of your property to check for signs of skunk presence. Let the service know where you have seen these animals in the past so workers can take a closer look for indications nests are in the area. Damage to the exterior of your home or shed, droppings left behind by skunks, and food remnants all help a removal service locate skunks so they can be removed without delay.

Traps Are Placed For Skunks To Find

The areas where an animal removal service sets up traps will vary depending upon the property layout and location of skunk nesting. In many instances, placing traps near the spots where skunks sleep or eat works well. The animal removal service you select will evaluate the land and set up traps in spots where skunks are likely to frequent. These traps are set with food inside of them to lure skunks inside. 

Take Some Action To Increase Trap Success

For trapping to work, you as a homeowner need to perform a few steps to ensure skunks do not shy away from apparatuses used. Do not touch traps as the scent of your body will linger on them for skunks to smell. This will keep skunks away from the traps altogether. Make sure to remove all food and water sources upon your property, other than what is used inside of traps. This makes it more likely skunks will crawl inside traps to get food, as there are no other sources available in the area.

Give The Service A Call If Traps Work

An animal removal service will come back to your property to check on traps they have set so relocation of skunks trapped can be conducted. If you happen to notice a skunk has indeed walked into a trap, contact the service right away so it can retrieve the animal. Be vigilant in looking at the traps daily so animals can be removed right away.

For more information, contact an animal removal service today.