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Talking About Pest Control

3 Effective Termite Control Methods

Carlos Douglas

Don't be lured by their tiny bodies; termites are the most destructive insects ever to invade the human habitat. It's reported that termites destroy at least 600,000 residential structures every year in the U.S. Such scary statistics make it more essential to find solutions and better termite control options to keep the destructive insect away. Here are some of the most effective termite control methods you can consider.

Pesticide Treatment Method

There are numerous pesticide options you can use to get rid of termites, but many of these pesticides are always harmful and poisonous to humans. You should consider picking the pesticides that are approved as safe by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These pesticides are licensed and registered for safe use in the treatment or prevention of termite infestation. 

With the help of a termite control expert, you can choose the right type of pesticide that will help get rid of the termites within a short time. Additionally, you can always buy pre-treated building materials or post-construction treatment to control the termites chemically. Whatever option you choose, you should always consult with a specialist to know the pesticides, procedures of use, and how to use them safely.

Soil Treatment Method

You'll most likely find termites building their home in the soil next to your house or the kitchen garden next to your home. Therefore, the soil is the best target to attack the termites and destroy them before they get into your home and start chewing the woodwork.

The process of soil treatment is easy, and when done effectively, it's a reliable method of eradicating the entire termite population in your backyard. You begin by digging a trench around the foundation. You then treat the soil with a termiticide to kill all the termites in it. With this kind of treatment, you'll not only eradicate the termites now but also prevent future recurrence. 

Termite Baits Method

Baits are also another effective method of termite control. Instead of using chemicals to kill them in the soil where they live, you can trap them with food baits, which you can place on the soil where they live and wait for them to eat and die. However, you should understand that food baiting technology keeps changing with time, and you have to adapt to the new trends.

Food baiting is a much safer method as there's minimal use of chemicals that pose risks to humans. It also helps to get rid of termites in places where they weren't yet a threat to the property early enough before they cause severe damage. 

Contact a local termite pest control service to learn more.