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Talking About Pest Control

Termite Treatment and Prevention Tips for Your Property

Carlos Douglas

When you experience termites in your home's wood structure, the key to getting rid of them is to have a good bait system and follow future prevention to protect your home from further termite infestations. Here are some recommendations to help you handle a termite problem in your home and its exterior.

Use Bait Traps

Anytime you find termites or the evidence of termites around the foundation of your home or inside your home's structure, you should take immediate action to get rid of them. The longer they remain inside your home or the soil around the home, feeding on wood and paper materials, the longer they will cause damage to your home's structure. A professional pest control service is a great way to determine the extent of your termite problem so you can treat it effectively and eliminate them entirely. For example, if you have termites only in the soil around your home, where they have fed on wood mulch, your pest control professional will recognize this as a main infestation point and treat the soil to get rid of them.

However, if you have termites in the soil around your home and also within the exterior wood siding, you will need to treat the separate areas. A great way for you to eliminate the problem is by placing a termite bait system into the soil. This system contains various bait stations that your professional will insert into the soil. The termites enter the station and feed on the poison where they return to the nest and continue to infect other termites in the colony. The bait station poison is slow-acting, which allows the termites to spread it throughout the colony and affect as many termites as possible to kill them all at once.

Control Interior Moisture 

As a prevention strategy to keep termites out of your home, it is a good idea to control the moisture inside your home. Moisture attracts termites and provides them a food source when it saturates wood and paper products, so by keeping your home interior dry you can stave off an influx of termites. Control the moisture after showers by running ventilation fans to expel high moisture-content air. You can also open the bathroom windows after showering to filter the moisture out. Otherwise, you can install a home dehumidifier inside your home to collect moisture from the air and expel it through a pump system.

Be sure you also protect your home's foundation from moisture problems by maintaining the gutter system. Check them periodically for leaks and cracking or sagging and clean them of debris a couple times each year to make sure they drain properly. The downspouts should deposit the rain gutter water at a point that is away from the foundation, such as on a concrete driveway gutter or a gravel covered area so the moisture does not saturate the soil around your home's perimeter. Saturated soil can attract termites where they will find and feed on wood within your home's structure.