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Talking About Pest Control

How To Avoid Bed Bugs During Your Next Hotel Stay

Carlos Douglas

One of the biggest problems with bed bugs is that you can easily transport them from one place to another. If you are facing bites for the duration of your hotel stay, you could bring bed bugs home after the vacation. Then, you'll have to face the consequences for months on end.

You aren't alone if you dread your next hotel stay because you fear bed bugs. Use these tips to keep your home clear of bed bugs after your next hotel stay.

1. Put Your Bags in the Bathroom

At least, place your bags in the bathroom until you are able to assess the room and give it a once-over as you look for bed bugs. Even luggage racks are frequented by bed bugs. Fortunately, these pests don't like slick surfaces like porcelain or acrylic.

As an added step, make sure to keep your dirty close separate from your clean clothes. Bed bugs love to burrow in dirty clothing.

2. Know Where to Look

In addition to the luggage rack, bed bugs also love to make homes in headboards and mattresses. Strip away the blanket and pull back the sheets to get a better idea of the bed bug situation where you are staying. Really get down into the dark crevices where bed bugs like to rest.

You should also scope out the furniture close to the bed. Bed bugs will nestle into couches, chairs, footstools, and other cloth items. Of course, you might even find them hanging out on nightstands and hotel artwork.

3. Hunt for Exoskeletons

Keep in mind that not all evidence of bed bugs is going to be alive. These insects shed their exoskeletons, meaning you might find one hanging out on the bed, nightstand, or even the floor. Take this as a sign that live bed bugs are probably lurking about.

4. Check for Blood Stains

Blood stains on sheets, pillows, and furniture indicate that bed bugs may be responsible. Unfortunately, many people do not spot bloodstains until after they have fallen asleep and woken up to bites.

5. Report Hotel Bed Bugs

If you do spot any bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs, alert the hotel desk immediately. Not only may they remedy the situation, but you can also prevent other people from picking up bed bugs while they are enjoying their vacation.

Armed with information about bed bugs, you can better control your home to ensure you aren't dealing with unwanted insect bites and other nuisances that follow you home after vacation. If you do experience a bed bug problem after your vacation, contact a bed bug control service