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Talking About Pest Control

3 Signs You Might Have A Rodent Problem

Carlos Douglas

Even if you don't see that telltale rat's tail or the unmistakable beady eyes of a mouse, you might still have a rodent problem in your home. Here are some signs to look for that might indicate your home has unwanted furry invaders. Use these signs to determine if it's time to call a pest control expert so you can get rid of your potential critter invasion.

1. Pet Excitement

If you have cats or dogs, they can be great detectors of rodent infestations. The rodents making their home in your house can leave behind certain odors. These odors might be from droppings and waste, or they may simply be the natural smell of the rodents inside your home. Look for new behaviors in your pets, such as pawing at specific parts of walls or flooring. This behavior can signal that there is a rat, mouse, or other rodent hiding behind where your pet is pawing. Of course, if you have pets that are natural hunters, you might even get a "present" in the form of a dead mouse or rat left near your bed. Be sure to have your pets vaccinated to help ensure they don't contract any diseases from their hunting habits.

2. Runways Or Trails

Runways or trails are the paths the rodents take through your home. Some rodents use the same paths every day to seek out food and venture out of their hiding spots. The paths can be marked by urine and droppings, but they can also be marked by tiny paw prints. You can use a black light to uncover these trails. If you suspect that you might have rodents but aren't sure, you can also put down a fine layer of baby powder on the attic floor or any areas you might suspect the animals are using as paths. If you notice paw prints in the powder, you'll have the confirmation you need that something is living in your home.

3. Wet Or Damaged Cardboard

If you have cardboard boxes stored in the attic or basement, you might notice that areas of the boxes have stains from being wet. You may also see signs of damage to the boxes. Mice and rats, along with other rodents, may chew at the boxes or even use them as nesting locations. The wet spots might be indicators of urine, and the damage can be the result of chewing.

Should you notice any of these signs, contact a pest control expert. He or she can put a rodent removal plan into place to rid your home of the pesky invaders. Once the rodents are gone, you can also partner with your mice extermination expert to thoroughly clean the home and reduce the risk of disease that can be spread by certain rodents.