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Talking About Pest Control

Four Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning A Room Previously Infested With Rodents

Carlos Douglas

After getting rid of pests in your house, you need to clean it thoroughly to eliminate any lingering microorganisms that may cause trouble later on. However, this is not your everyday cleaning; it needs to be thorough if it has to make a real impact. Making a mistake can render your cleaning worthless or even spread the germs. Here are four examples of the mistakes you need to avoid:

Getting Into Contact With the Contaminated Materials

Despite your best efforts, it's possible that some of the contaminated materials may come into contact with your body. Therefore, wear protective clothing to keep the germs away from your body. This includes wearing latex or rubber gloves, goggles, and face masks. Another precaution is to use paper towels when handling materials that are obviously contaminated, such as the nesting materials.

Stirring Up the Dust

Stirring up the dirt is the easiest ways of spreading the germs or even getting them onto your body. Therefore, you need to get rid of the dust without stirring it up. This means you shouldn't vacuum or sweep the place as long as the nesting materials or droppings are still there. Instead, take these precautions first:

  • Ventilate the room by leaving all the doors and windows open for some time.
  • Pick up the droppings or nesting materials before sweeping the room.

Trying To Save Everything

No matter what you do, some things just can't be disinfected. You need to discern between what you can save and what must go. For example, contaminated cardboard boxes and insulation materials are extremely difficult to disinfect successfully, so it's best to discard them.

Relying On Sweeping Alone

Merely sweeping or mopping the floors and walls won't help. Some microorganisms can remain to cause havoc later. Therefore, you also need to disinfect the rooms. In fact, you need to spray all the potentially contaminated places with disinfectants before handling them, sweeping or mopping the place. You also need to add some disinfectant to the water you will be using to mop the place. Since it is impractical to discard everything that may have been contaminated by the pests, you need to disinfect them too. This includes things like countertops, beddings, and furniture, among others.

Hopefully, the above precautions will help you get rid of all the germs left by the pests without contaminating your body. The good news is that you don't have to do all these by yourself. Many pest control companies offer all-in-one services that also include cleaning the previously infested rooms. Ask a pest control company, such as BUG Busters-Do IT Yourself Pest Control, if they have any advice for you.