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Talking About Pest Control

Tips To Help You Keep Mice Out Of Your Home

Carlos Douglas

Mice can get into your home through extremely small cracks, and this can happen at any time during the year. Mice enter homes more often in the winter, though, because they are looking for warmth, shelter, and food, and one of the best ways to keep them away is to seal your house. Here are some tips to help you seal and protect your home in ways that will keep mice out. 

Focus on utility holes

One area mice tend to enter into homes is through utility openings. This can include the area where your gas pipe enters the home, a telephone line, or electrical wires. It can also include water taps and any other areas where your utilities enter your home.

As you look for these areas, be prepared to seal them tightly with one of the following methods:

  • Spray foam insulation in the areas making sure there are no gaps at all.
  • Insert steel wool around the openings, because this is a material that will stop mice.

Get rid of homes for mice

When mice are outside, they look for sheltered areas. This can include any types of boxes, equipment, or piles of mulch or weeds. If you have any of these items outside of your home, move them as far from your house as possible. If they are located near your house, mice will live in them, and as soon as the mice do not feel warm or safe there, they may try to enter into your home.

Caulk your doors and windows

If you look carefully at your doors and windows, you may see small gaps. These gaps may seem too small for a mouse to get through, but this is not the case. Mice can fit through small holes very easily, but you may be able to stop this by placing caulk around every door, window, and opening in your home.   

Seal your soffits

Soffits are part of your roofing system, and they are a common way mice enter homes. You may need to pull out a ladder to check your soffits, but it will be worthwhile. As you begin this project, simply make sure the soffits are tightly in place and that there are no gaps or holes. Mice are great at working their way into soffits, and this will lead them straight into your home.

In addition to taking these steps, you may also want to place mouse traps around your house. If you are still experiencing problems with mice getting in, it might be time to hire a pest control company (such as Eagle Pest Eliminators) to help you put a stop to this problem.