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Talking About Pest Control

Fighting Flies That Come In Your House

Carlos Douglas

If you find you have a hard time with flies in your home, then you want to make sure you do everything you can to get rid of the flies that are already taking up residence in your home and to prevent more of them from making their way inside. Follow the tips here to fight off the flies in your house and keep the ones outside from coming in.

Remove tempting items

The first thing you want to do when you are battling flies in your home is to remove anything you can that they would be attracted to. Take out all the trash and do all the dishes. Get in the habit or thoroughly rinsing out all the recyclables before you put them in the collection bag or box. Keep your tables and counters wiped down and put away food right away. Sweep and mop the floors and wash down the counters, sink and cupboards.

Prevent more flies from coming in

To prevent more flies from coming in, you want to repair any screens that have even the smallest holes or rips in them. If they need a lot of work, then you may want to replace them. However, small holes can be quickly fixed by sewing pieces of screen over the holes and rips. If you don't have an extra piece of screen to use, you can use pieces of nylon stockings instead. If you don't currently have screen doors, then you should consider getting them for any doors you like to keep open. Until you have screen doors, leave the doors closed.

Get rid of the current flies

Once you have removed all the tempting things in your house that attract the flies, you need to get rid of the ones in the house already. You can do this with the use of a regular fly swatter yourself, or get your kids or even a friend's kids to kill the flies for a quarter a piece. Also, you can hang a string of fly paper that attracts the flies. They get stuck to it when they land on it. They are very attracted to this paper, so remove it right after the flies already in the house are caught.

Keep your yard clean

The more flies that gather in your yard, the more your chances will be of having them find a way into your house. Keep your outside trash completely sealed and as far from the house as possible. Also, keep recycled goods sealed and on another side of the yard.

For more information and assistance, consider contacting a professional pest control service in your area, such as Ram Pest Management, LLC.