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Talking About Pest Control

Four Humane Methods Of Preventing Squirrels From Ruining Your Garden

Carlos Douglas

When you have a green thumb, there's nothing more rewarding than watching fruits and veggies begin to appear in your garden — and nothing more aggravating than watching them being eaten just as quickly by squirrels. Dealing with squirrels can be one of the most challenging parts of growing a garden that makes you proud. While you can think of trapping these pests and releasing them elsewhere in your city, doing so is labor-intensive and not overly pleasant. If you're determined to find some degree of satisfaction before you call your local pest control service to rectify the problem by whatever means necessary, here are some ideas that won't harm the squirrels but should save your garden.

Feel The Burn

Grab a bottle of ground cayenne pepper out of your pantry and identify the areas of your garden that are being targeted by the squirrels. Distribute the spicy powder on the earth around the plants — make sure to make a complete perimeter, even if the plants are close to a fence, because squirrels are adept at accessing your garden from a variety angles. The hot nature of the cayenne can often be enough to keep squirrels at bay. Remember to reapply the powder after each rainfall.

Offer Some Seeds

Squirrels are highly attracted to birdseed, so using the diversionary tactic of setting up a bird seeder aimed at feeding your backyard squirrel population can be effective. Pick an area that isn't close to the garden and place sunflower seeds or any other type of seed in the feeder. Make sure it's not a bird feeder with an anti-squirrel contraption. Continue replenishing the feeder whenever it's low; if the feeder runs out, the squirrels might quickly return to your garden.

Trick Them With Scent

You can buy squirrel repellents in your local gardening supply store that contain the urine of larger animals that act as natural predators to squirrels. By distributing this liquid-based repellent around your garden, it will trick the squirrels into thinking that a larger animal is lurking nearby, and the pests should be prompted to find another yard to inhabit.

Protect The Crops

A larger project, but one that can be successful, is to surround your crops with chicken wire. You'll also need to build a simple wooden frame — and don't forget to cover the top with wire, too, to keep squirrels from jumping out of trees and over the fence.

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