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Talking About Pest Control

Use An Artificial Sweetener To Get Rid Of Your Ant Problem

Carlos Douglas

Having ants inside your house is a concern not only because they might be trying to climb over your food, but also because they could be building nests in your walls and you could be in line for a major infestation. While you should quickly call a pest control professional if you're experiencing a dramatic outbreak of any pests, including ants, just seeing a handful of ants in your home means that you can often take care of the problem yourself. While ant poison is effective, it can be a concern if you have small children or pets. If you want to go the non-toxic route (but use something that still takes care of the problem) you can rely on artificial sweetener. Here's what to do.

Track Down Where The Ants Are Entering Your Home

If you're just seeing the odd ant here and there, spend some time watching them and you'll often see their route of travel. The ants are entering your home somehow, so be especially vigilant about watching around your doors and windows. Often, you'll be able to spot them coming and going through small cracks around the windows or doors. Once you've identified these areas, you'll know where to place the artificial sweetener.

Prepare The Bait

Artificial sweetener is an effective non-toxic way to kill ants because it essentially starves them to death. They'll be drawn to the sweetness of the granules and fill themselves eating it, but receive no nutritional value. Rip open a couple small packets of artificial sweetener and pour it in piles in the areas you've identified as being heavy with ant traffic. Repeat the process if you've noticed ants around multiple doors or windows, or simply congregating in other parts of your home. If you haven't been able to find the ants' commonly traveled areas, just place some artificial sweetener where you're seeing the pests; they'll certainly be able to find it.

Remove Other Food Sources

You want the ants to be attracted to the artificial sweetener that will ultimately be their demise, so make sure that they don't have other available options. This means making sure that your counters are clean and there are no foods left out that would attract the ants.

Wait For It To Work

The length of time it takes to see results from this method varies, but you can often expect to find fewer ants indoors within a day or two. If the ants are heartily consuming the supply of artificial sweetener, don't hesitate to pour more out.

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