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Talking About Pest Control

Some DIY Tips For Controlling Bed Bugs

Carlos Douglas

If you currently have bed bugs in your home, you may need to try a variety of methods to get rid of them. If you plan to use DIY treatments, you'll have to be persistent and meticulous because the bugs are experts at hiding in places you can't reach them. Calling a professional pest control company is the best way to deal with bed bugs, but if you're determined to battle them yourself, here are a few things you can try.

Vacuum Thoroughly

It sounds simple, but vacuuming is an effective way to get rid of the bugs you can reach with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum pulls bugs out of carpet and flooring. Plus, you can use the wand attachment along baseboards, the bed frame, curtains, and even clothing in your closet. You'll pick up some bugs that way, but it is impossible to get rid of all the bed bugs by vacuuming. That's because they hide in places like electrical sockets, clock radios, and behind wallpaper. Still, you will put a dent in their population. Just be sure to seal the vacuum bag and dispose of it right away so the bugs can't escape.

Clear Out Clutter

When you're battling bed bugs, one of the things that helps is to eliminate as many hiding places as possible. If your infestation is in the early stages, most of the bugs are probably confined to your bedroom so they can be close to you at night. Therefore, you should get rid of as much clutter as possible, even if you have to seal some of your things in plastic bags temporarily. Stacks of magazines or piles of clothes create many caves and crevices for the bugs to hide in. When those places are gone, it's easier to vacuum up or kill the bugs that are out in the open. Just remember that bed bugs can live a long time between feedings. When you unseal a bag, you may release some bugs back into your room. It's best to open the bags outdoors and inspect everything thoroughly before placing your belongings back in your room.

Focus On Your Bed

There's a good chance the bed bugs are concentrated around your bed so they don't have to travel far to reach you at night. That doesn't mean you should go sleep on the couch or the bed bugs will spread out as they hunt you down. Instead, make your bed a safe haven. Do that by placing bed bug proof covers on your mattress and pillows. This will trap any bugs that are burrowed into the seams and rips on your mattress. Next, vacuum your bed frame thoroughly with the vacuum wand. Pay attention to cracks where the bugs can squeeze in and hide. If you have a steam cleaner, use it on the frame as well. The steam can penetrate farther, and it will kill the bugs.

Once your bed is free from bugs, keep it that way by not letting the bed come in direct contact with the walls or floor. Place the legs of your bed in plastic cups that are coated inside with petroleum jelly. When the bugs climb the cups to get to you, they will get stuck in the jelly. If you have a platform bed, you'll have a harder time keeping the bugs away, but you can try using double-sided carpet tape. Place it around the perimeter of your bed, so the bugs will get stuck on it when they try to climb up and get you. Also, be sure to keep your covers tucked in. If your blanket touches the floor at night, the bugs will have easy access to your bed.

It's a lot of work to get rid of bed bugs on your own, and you may not be successful. If you don't see results from your efforts right away, or if your infestation is very bad, you should probably call in an expert before the bugs grow in number and get out of control. Visit a site like for more information on bed bug removal.