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Talking About Pest Control

How To Handle A Termite Swarm

Carlos Douglas

When spring arrives, you and your entire family are probably ready to celebrate. The snow has melted, and the temperatures are rising. Suddenly, there is a termite in the ointment, in the food, and everywhere else. You are experiencing a termite swarm, which can occur inside or outside your home. Although these events are unpleasant and even a little scary, stay calm and take the following steps. 


When termites swarm, they do so in huge numbers. You may see thousands of them at once. Unfortunately, many people think they are seeing flying ants or some other insect that also swarms in the springtime. When you see a swarm, you need to verify that the insects are termites. Shortly after termites swarm, their wings fall off and they head off to find a place in the dirt. Some of these pests will not make it to safety and die. You need to gather up a few of these creatures and compare them to an online picture. Even if you are fairly certain that they are termites, save the bodies for the termite exterminator, whom you should call immediately.


While you are waiting for the exterminator to show up, you can prepare for their arrival. You should not spray the termites. Instead, you need to mark where the termites are getting inside your home or where they are gathering outside. As disgusting as a swarm can be, the termites cannot bite and won't harm anyone. Do not tear up the floorboards or do anything drastic to see if any damage has been done. Just calm down and vacuum the termite carcasses until the exterminator gets there. 

Exterminator Methods

When your exterminator arrives, they will know immediately if you are dealing with termites. Once they have examined your home, they will explain the various methods you can use to rid your home of this infestation. They will likely recommend either a repellant or non-repellant liquid treatment. These liquids are placed around the home's perimeter and either discourage termites from crossing into the house or kill them if they try it. Termites in the home will die because they cannot get back to the soil, which they visit in order to live. There are also a variety of baits that can be used. Your exterminator will help you decide on the best method for your home.

Swarming termites are startling and disruptive at the very least. If they visit your home, do not ignore the problem. Call your termite professional and start the extermination process as soon as possible. Visit for more information.